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These materials and tools are helping airbrush artist create many great looking cowboy western shirts.We are the only shirtmakers doing this type of business. Great opportunities for those wanting to enter a new area to make money.

roseyoke stylestyle yoke

We will cut all the pieces of the shirt and mail you the pieces you want to airbrush.You send the completed peie back and we complete the shirt according to your specifications. People ar desigining one of a kind shirts every day. Use our yoke styles for your airbrushing template

front yokefront yoke styleyoke Bronco Styleyoke horseshoe

All the shirts are made from submitted measurement chart which means they fit. We make the patterns, we cut the pieces and we get the shirt together. Check out the possibilities at the styles page

The possibilites of airbrushing are endless. There are many great magazines and videos on the market. Create your own one of a kind. Contact airbrush artist to do special projects on your behalf if you feel you don't have the time. Airbrushing on Country western shirts is a new venue for someone looking for opportunity.