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Our concept is very simple. Give the customer all the tools to complete the job. As you go through our site pay particular atention to all that can be done. For example, an individual in a country western band group just starting up may want a particular logo on their shirts. Alternatives, what budget do they have, lets say they have a small budget. I'd recommend Silk Screening because after the initial set-up fee you can literally make hundreds of designs for a few dollars. There are many talented artist(painters) in our world, doing incredible work. Traditionally painting on canvas and special papers were the only mediums. Well, now they have a new canvas, the country western shirt fabric. You have probably seen artist in the fields of Airbrushing, Embroidery, Rhinestone, and Stenciling just to mention a few. People have Ideas all around the world and would like to use the mediums mentioned but don't want to invest hours of learning a new skill so they choose to contract it out to someone who is a specialist in that particular field making their Ideas a realty.There are thousands of people putting new Ideas on fabrics for their country western groups every day and we are helping them make it a realty. If you have an Idea and don't have the actual skills, contract it out, there are thousands waiting for the job. For example you would like a tiger painted on a shirt yoke but don't have the skill to do the job professionally. Do your research on the Web, find the person that can paint the tiger. After you have found the artist you'll send us a measurement chart of the person you want the shirt made for and we will start the process of making a custom made shirt pattern. We then cut the pieces of the shirt from the fabric you have picked, we then send you the particular pieces(front yoke,Back Yoke) for you or your artist to complete the first phase of a unique shirt. When you or your artist has completed the piece or pieces we complete the shirt. Its that easy, hundred are doing it everyday. You are only limited by your imagination and we can make the dream come true. Look over the details of this Web Site and you'll be amazed at the opportunities available. If you have any questions send us an E-mal or call us Toll Free 1-210-400-5052 we promise not to bite.


Mike Maldonado