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Now is the opportunity to get in on the ground floor of a new concept. Artist of all types have a new canvas to work on and that canvas is the country western shirt fabric. A lot of people who are in the "T" shirt printing business wish they had entered when it first started. Well, here is chance of a life time. You design them, and we finish them. Our concept is to give you an opportunity to make one of a kind country western shirts. There is big business with country western bands, dance groups and rodeos just to mention a few. Look over our site and look at everything that is possible. Silk screening equipment is at an afforable price. Silk screening allows you to make lots of copies at a relatively low price. Interested in starting a small business at an afforable price click on this silk screening link for complete details on equipment.

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There are many companies selling silk screen on the internet. Do your research and always get support. It is not difficult to learn and you can setup in your garage or spare room to start.Many tutorials on the internet including videos on