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If you have come from the Measure chart .....Thanks for submitting your measurements. now you will complete the details of your shirt order. Check the boxes which pertain to your specific order. Any questions call 210-399-3436 or email: When you have complete your details you will be directed to the shopCart.I would suggest you print this order and enclosed with your order

styles back-front

If you look at the figure to the left you'll notice names for each part of the shirt. Refer to the parts as seen.You may have to refer to the front body to request a color. You can Identify styles by Letters on the shirt style button. There is also a comment box below to write specific instructions. Print one detail form for each each shirt

Shirt Detail Form
Full Name  
Front Yoke Style  
Back Yoke Style  
Collar Style  
Cuff Style  
Tell us the details of how you want your shirt below  
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